Smart Light Remote Control

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Smart Light Remote Controller

Works with RGB CCT ZigBee LED Strip Controller Controllers and Smart Bulbs

  • ZigBee Compatible
  • Phillips Hue Compatible
  • 2.4G RF Smart Remote Control LED 'Pro Edition'
  • Designed exclusively for the 'Pro Edition' of ZigBee LED bulbs, downlights, headlights and LED strip controls. With this wireless handheld controller, you can fully control the LED lighting without the ZigBee hub or app.
  • 16 million RGB colour changing touch sensor knobs, warm white and cool white color temperature slider and dimmable brightness sliding panel make it much easier than a ZigBee app, immerse in a light show
  • All ZigBee LED lights can be divided into 8 different zones. Each group of lights can be controlled separately. Preset automatic light modes with speed control: Static monochrome, RGB fade, flashing and breathing. A sleep button for lighting the 60s when you go to bed
  • Reliable 2.4G RF radio communication without blind spot control. Low battery consumption and long service life. Powered by 2x AAA battery. (Not included)