Which IP Rating Do I Need?

IP Rating



IP20 is the lowest rated tape we provide, offering zero protection against moisture & water.  Nearly all indoor installations and applications will use IP20, unless the room is particularly wet such as a bathroom.  IP20 can be used in all internal installations including plinth, stairs, under-cabinet, under-worktop, backlighting, accent lighting and others.

IP54 IP54 rating is protected against dust ingress sufficient to prevent the product from operating normally but it's not dust tight. The product is fully protected against solid objects and splashing of water from any angle.


IP65 is classified as water resistant and can withstand jets and spashes of water.  It is most commonly used in bathrooms, around sinks and in environments that regular get a high moisture level.  It can be used for general lighting around mirrors.  IP65 LED comes with a silicone covering over the LED chips.  Its important to ensure LED strip is correctly installed and never left for extended periods of time powered on in a coil as the heat build up can damage the silicone covering.


IP67 rated LED strip lights are waterproof to heavy splashes and suitable for use in wet rooms and outdoors. IP67 is used mainly for decorative garden lighting, and can be used within an aluminium channel or directly onto the surface you are installing onto.  Whilst this LED strip is waterproof, the adhesive backing is not, and as such a suitable method of fixing should be selected or used within aluminium profile.


IP68 is completely waterproof, and can be used in swimming pools, spas and ponds and still work effectively submerged in water to depths of 10 meters.