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E14 LED Bulbs are a fantastic way to retrofit your home or space with a full colour RGBW low-wattage LED smart bulb. All of our bulbs are fully Zigbee compliant meaning they will work with Phillps Hue and Alexa smart home devices as well as many other such as smart things, home assistant etc.

Our energy efficient and low wattage bulbs are designed to work seamlessly in your existing house fittings and deliver a perfect replacement for older halogen bulbs. LED bulbs also last longer than traditional halogen bulbs, so you will need to replace them much less frequently.

The are just a bright in lumens as traditional halogen bulbs, but at vastly less money saving running costs.

Coming in standard shapes and sizes and lens or more commonly known as candle, globe and round bulbs and Edison bulbs - E14 bulbs are designed for 14mm screw in fittings, we also have E27 LED Bulb fittings as well.

E14 bulbs come with a metal cap which screws into existing light fittings and ceiling roses. Please ensure your light fittings are designed for screw in bulbs and not bayonet type bulbs or twist and push GU10.
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  • E14 4w RGBW Zigbee Smart Bulb - Pro
    E14 4w RGBW Zigbee Smart Bulb - Pro
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